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CPTED Level 2 Course Outline

Course Criteria:


Recommend Students to have taken CPTED Basic Level 1 Course.


The course will benefit those students who have utilized the CPTED principles and strategies, in their work and to wish to learn more about its application.

  • Class members Introductions

        - Outline their CPTED experiences since the                      Level 1 course and their expectations​

  • Refresher of the CPTED concepts and applications


  • Common forms of Space and the impact of social dynamics

         - Defensible Space

        - Undefended Space

        - Offensible Space

        - Ambiguous/Indefensible Space

        - Hierarchy of Space

  • Lessons from the Field

  • Tips on Reading the Environment

  • Getting more out of CPTED

  • Tips to Reading Plans for a CPTED Review

  • Essentials for Writing a CPTED Report

  • Refresher on conducting a CPTED Field Audit

  • CPTED Field Audit Exercise

        - Conducting CPTED field audit in teams at                      chosen sites

       - As a team develop their analysis, assessment               and recommendations based on their                             observations on site

      - As a team prepare a presentation on their                      observations  and recommendations to the class

  • Neighbouring Land Use and Edge Effects Case Study

  • CPTED Analysis of Common Interior Spaces

  • Surface Parking Lots

  • Signs

  • CPTED Role in managing the Terrorist Threat and other acts o f violence


  • Strategic lighting, video surveillance and Security Applications 

  • Smart Home Technology

  • Convenience Store Best Practices

  • Challenges to CPTED Implementation 


  • CPTED 's Existential Threat -  Naysayers

  • Keeping CPTED Real








Registration Form 

Course Fees


$700.00 plus HST ($91.00)  = $791.00


​Please note that all credit card information will be destroyed after the payment is processed

Cancellation Policy​


  • A fee of $100.00 will be applied to any cancellations prior to three weeks of the course.

  • No refunds for cancellations within three weeks of the course.


The CPTED Professional Training Centre reserves the right to cancel any course, three weeks prior to the course date if the minimum registration threshold is not met.

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