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CPTED Level 2 Course Outline

Course Criteria:


Students required to have taken CPTED Basic Level 1 Course.


The course will benefit those students who have utilized the CPTED principles and strategies, in their work and to wish to learn more about its application.

  • Class members Introductions

        - Outline their CPTED experiences since the                      Level 1 course and their expectations​

  • Refresher of the CPTED concepts and applications


  • Common forms of Space and the impact of social dynamics

         - Defensible Space

        - Undefended Space

        - Offensible Space

        - Ambiguous/Indefensible Space

        - Hierarchy of Space

  • Lessons from the Field

  • Tips on Reading the Environment

  • Getting more out of CPTED

  • Tips to Reading Plans for a CPTED Review

  • Essentials for Writing a CPTED Report

  • Refresher on conducting a CPTED Field Audit

  • CPTED Field Audit Exercise

        - Conducting CPTED field audit in teams at                      chosen sites

       - As a team develop their analysis, assessment               and recommendations based on their                             observations on site

      - As a team prepare a presentation on their                      observations  and recommendations to the class

  • Neighbouring Land Use and Edge Effects Case Study

  • CPTED Analysis of Common Interior Spaces

  • Surface Parking Lots

  • Signs

  • CPTED Role in managing the Terrorist Threat and other acts o f violence


  • Strategic lighting, video surveillance and Security Applications 

  • Smart Home Technology

  • Convenience Store Best Practices

  • Challenges to CPTED Implementation 


  • CPTED 's Existential Threat -  Naysayers

  • Keeping CPTED Real








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